Is it just me, or does the earth now spin faster, so that days are only 23 hours long? yeah, i thogh so. Bet they are even shorter next year. While the earth was adjusting itself, I;ve found a few goodies for you.

First, logo pens. And please get good ones. Don’t skimp. Because when your pen starts skipping on me, I’ll start skipping you.

Next, art imitates life, if you consider legos art. And after seeing this page, I am thinking I do.

Weirdest adoption ever. Seriously.

Hidden pictures. Ok, not really. Just great camouflage.

Snort. Guffaw. THE phone for today. Tech meets telemarketing.

More about technical cooking that I ever need to know, but you science types will dig it. Geeks have their own language, even in the kitchen. Scooter, this one is for you!